<strong>Memorial Day: When is and What to do?</strong>

This post is dedicated to talking about Memorial Day: When is and What to do? Keep reading to find out all the best things to do on Memorial Day. Memorial Day is a holiday that honors those women and men who have died in the nation’s wars, serving the U.S. military.  It takes place every […]

Mother Ocean Day: How to celebrate it aboard a luxury yacht?

Mother Ocean Day is observed on May 10 of each year, and it is a date to celebrate this vast nature force that covers more than 70 percent of the Earth’s surface.  This day serves as a kind of tribute to the home of millions of species, animals, and other organisms. Also crucial for human […]

Mother’s Day aboard a luxury yacht 

Let’s celebrate Mother’s Day aboard a luxury yacht! Get an experience like never before with our crew on the Miami ocean. Mother’s Day in the United States This is an annual holiday celebrated on the second Sunday of May. In 2022 Mother’s Day will be on Sunday, May 18th. This is a special day to […]

How much to rent a yacht for a family reunion?

The importance of spending time with family increased after the pandemic. Now we all want to spend more time with our loved ones and look for exciting plans that we can all share as a family. For this reason, we come to tell you about how much to rent a yacht for a family gathering. It […]

Miami sunset cruise for a romantic getaway

Miami sunset cruise for a romantic getaway

In this chaos of work and daily routine, sometimes we feel that we do not pay as much attention to our partner; that’s why there are times when we want to take a romantic getaway and thus be able to spend time together alone. In this article, we want to tell you what you should […]

Van dutch boat for a bachelorette party

Van dutch boat for a bachelorette party

A marriage is a unique event in the life of each of the spouses. For this reason, the famous bachelorette parties usually celebrate to say goodbye to this beautiful stage of the human being and welcome new dreams and challenges. This article will tell you why to choose a Van Dutch boat to make your […]

Boat Rental Miami Beach for Family Vacations

Boat rental Miami beach for family vacations

Vacations are a time of relaxation and family reunion. It allows us to rest, spend a lot of time together and enjoy the family. When we have a trip planned, everything becomes more fun; we begin to investigate the cities to visit, the tourist sites, make budgets, and treat ourselves, such as boat rental Miami […]

Miami sunset cruise to celebrate your 21st birthday

Miami sunset cruise to celebrate your 21st birthday

21 years is a vigorous, young and friendly age. We invite you to celebrate your birthday on a sunset cruise in Miami; so that you can enjoy your birthday to the fullest. The age of majority in the USA In the United States, they turn 18 years old enough to take on responsibilities such as […]

Yacht Party Miami for Ultra’s Festival

Yacht party Miami for Ultra's Festival

One of the events that welcome the most visitors in the city of Miami is the Ultra Electronic Music Festival. Due to the fact that the access roads collapse, we recommend you to have your own private Yacht party Miami; and thus be able to have a comfortable space and comfortable, to enjoy this spectacular […]

VanDutch boat for a Valentine’s date

VanDutch boat for a Valentine's date

Elegance is not improvised, and for Valentine’Elegance is not improvised, and for Valentine’s Day, we want to give our partner a special surprise; that is why we recommend the VanDutch boat and thus enjoy a beautiful evening. Let’s get to know some of its histories. In the south of France, at the end of 2009, […]