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How much to rent a yacht for a family reunion?

The importance of spending time with family increased after the pandemic. Now we all want to spend more time with our loved ones and look for exciting plans that we can all share as a family.

For this reason, we come to tell you about how much to rent a yacht for a family gathering. It would help if you consider several aspects, which we will notify you about in this article.

How much to rent a yacht for a family reunion?

Why on a yacht?

A yacht is a luxurious boat that can take you the route you want, taking into account your budget. Here you can enjoy cocktails and taste unique dishes prepared by the chef on board. Besides, the crew will be at your total disposition to satisfy your needs and make your meeting an unforgettable moment.

For instance, during the tour, you can fish, practice water sports, admire the beauty of nature, eat delicious seafood or relax in the sea breeze.

Check your wallet to know how much to rent a yacht

At GLS, we have yachts from 1,300 US for ten passengers. From then on, we have Yachts for all tastes, occasions, and amounts of passengers. The crew is also crucial because depending on the human team you need, your budget might change. If the team works well together, your meeting will be a success.

Remember to take into account the transportation from your home to the dock where the Yacht will be since these are not included in any plan.

What types of celebrations are usually held on a yacht?

You can have the meeting you want on a boat. And how much to rent a yacht with everything? It all depends on what you want, who is with you, and what you need to do. The main festivals that are usually celebrated are:

  • Bachelor or bachelorette party
  • Anniversaries
  • Marriages
  • Valentine’s celebration
  • Birthday
  • Family holidays
  • Private parties
How much to rent a yacht

What do you need to hold a family gathering on a yacht?

It would help if you consider some essential aspects to make a successful meeting on a yacht.

  • The number of passengers: You must be very clear about how many people in your family will go on the cruise, as it is something that you need to confirm at the time of booking.
  • Reservation:  The reservations for each yacht are personalized since each event is different. Remember to have a list of the date, time, number of passengers, and places to visit.
  • Seniors and children: Seniors have reduced mobility and must be careful not to fall during the cruise. We recommend you to visit places where the tide is not very high and advise this at booking. Additionally, children tend to be active when they are having fun and can easily fall into the sea; we recommend a babysitting service so you can enjoy the family reunion as much as them.
  • Pets: We recommend leaving pets at home because, like children, they can fall into the sea or get dizzy from the movement of the waves. If you need to take it anyway, please let us know at the time of booking, and we will find the right yacht for your meeting.
Family reunion
  • Meals: For meals, we advise you to have a snack area, where your guests can constantly go to eat, without the need for a waiter. If you are also going to offer a main course, we recommend seafood, as there are many chefs specialized in making delicious dishes for our customers.
  • Drinks: Remember that the meeting will be outdoors, and the Miami sun is usually a bit strong; we advise you to bring a good amount of drinks to the meeting. If it is necessary to get an additional cooler, you must say so at booking. In addition, If you are going to bring alcoholic beverages, remember that guests must drink discreetly as we do not want drunks or accidents onboard.

How to find the best yachts in Miami

Miami is full of yachts all over the dock; it is essential to know which are the best hosts onboard and that they have good opinions.

To find out how much to rent a yacht, you can guide yourself with the business people of the environment since they will tell you who the best captains are.

On the other hand, if you wish, you can contact the yacht service with Global Luxury Service, a company specialized in making your yacht trips an unforgettable experience, with the best human team and technical means, which will help you to enjoy an afternoon of fantasy.

How to book with us:

First, check out all the yachts available. Just go to our Yachts page and scroll to find the one big enough for your family that also includes what you need.

Then, you can make your reservation by clicking right here and our team will contact you to coordinate with you all the details and process.

Are you ready to enjoy a family reunion with all the luxury and fun? Let’s book right now.

Yacht for a family reunion

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