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Miami Sunset Cruise Stars in 2022

Miami Sunset Cruise

Is there anything more relaxing and romantic than starting this 2022, enjoying a Miami Sunset Cruise??

At GLS, we open the Miami Sunset Cruise service in 2022, where you can enjoy an unforgettable adventure, along with the shining sun and colorful clouds that the sunset gives us.

About Miami City

Miami is a beautiful coastal city located in the southeastern United States; with more than 5 million inhabitants, it ranks as one of the most important cities. Yacht charters generally are made to Miami Beach and the nearest islands such as Fisher Island, Star Island, Nixon, and Haulover Sandbar. You also navigate around Key Biscayne, a place that will make you fall in love with its postcard landscapes.

Miami has a tropical climate that ranges from approximately 76ºF to 95ºF. If you have delicate skin and can’t continuously expose it to the sun, the sunset cruise will be favorable because the sun shows its last breaths of light at this hour of the day. Even so, we recommend using sunglasses and sunscreen to avoid sunstroke.

When you come to this tourist destination, you can travel by luxury yacht, which is a different and novel experience, so if you have a special event in 2022, we recommend you schedule your cruise in advance. We have personalized advice for each trip; It goes according to the needs of each client.

Miami Sunset Cruise

In our Miami Sunset Cruise service, you can celebrate:

  • Bachelor or bachelorette parties
  • Birthday
  • Business meetings
  • Romantic dinners
  • Wedding anniversary
  • Family trips, among other things

We have luxury cruise trips of at least 6 hours, where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery offered by the beach, the breeze, and the sea of ​​this beautiful city. Our yachts are fully equipped, with all the safety equipment, to provide you with comfort, confidence, and security on our trips.

During the tour, you will be able to observe the fantastic fauna of the place; there are even travelers who have had the opportunity to see a group of dolphins swimming around the yacht.

We have an emergency kit and life jackets for all the crew; our yacht commander fully trained is to give first aid in case of emergency. In general, pets brought aren’t on board, but if you need to travel with your furry friend, you must make it clear in the reservation, as we must find the yacht that suits your needs.

We give you all the options to travel comfortably and relax on our cruise. You can travel with your whole family; we have various activities onboard for adults and children. If you need the additional babysitting service, you can reserve it in advance at an additional cost.

How is the Yacht chosen in Miami Sunset Cruise?

The yacht chosen is according to the number of passengers that you need to board, this also linked is to the budget available, we also have drinks and snacks service during the trip, which you can book with our advisers. We have the decoration service for special events, but if you want to decorate the yacht, you must arrive in advance to decorate the cruise.

Our captains are excellent guides who will accompany your trip with a lot of relevant information about this area. Our commanders can adapt to what the client requests; you can make stops to take photos during the tour, play the music that you like, the famous mansions are usually visited, historical monuments, and the Lighthouse of Cape Florida. Still, you can also take a private tour if you wish, as long as the safety regulations observed are; all this discussed is with the captain before sailing.

Most tourists get lost in the beautiful view of the city of Miami at night. With our Miami Sunset Cruise service, we offer you a unique experience, where you can see the city’s illuminated skyline and the sea. Many of our travelers enjoy the view while playing board games, extreme sports in the ocean, swimming, celebrating, dancing, or spending a relaxing time on the yacht’s floats; this experience will make it all worthwhile.

About us?

We focus on giving exclusivity and luxury to your trips, we have more than 550 satisfied clients, and we are at the forefront with our yachts, to always give you the best.

Suppose you want to schedule our Miami Sunset Cruise service. In that case, you can book your cruise on the website https://globalluxuryservices.com/ or write your information on the contact us page, here one of our advisors will get in touch in the shortest possible time giving you personalized advice and solving your doubts, to booking the yacht.

Please consider the available times, dates and all the necessary implements to travel with us. Also, keep in mind the cancellation policy and legal prohibitions during the cruise.

See you at sea!!

Miami sunset cruise to start 2022

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