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Miami sunset cruise for a romantic getaway

Miami sunset cruise for a romantic getaway

In this chaos of work and daily routine, sometimes we feel that we do not pay as much attention to our partner; that’s why there are times when we want to take a romantic getaway and thus be able to spend time together alone. In this article, we want to tell you what you should keep in mind and how you can give yourself your romantic getaway on a sunset cruise in Miami.

What dates should you plan a romantic getaway on a sunset cruise in Miami?

Here you must bear in mind that a cruise on a yacht is something new, luxurious and the idea is to do it for a particular date for both of you, whether it is for a wedding anniversary, for a birthday celebration, for Valentine’s Day or to celebrate your Honeymoon. The important thing is that you choose the best date and plan everything well in advance and that way everything will go smooth sailing!

Miami sunset cruise for a romantic getaway

What should you take into account to do it?

Well, here we give you some tips that you should keep in mind so that your romantic getaway on a sunset cruise in Miami is a success. Make your checklist:

  1. The date: As we told you before, the date is crucial, and it is the first thing you must consider. Remember that both you and your partner should separate that day at work in time to be completely relaxed.
  1. Booking: Having chosen the date, we recommend you book in advance since there are occasions that intersect with holidays or special dates, and then the yachts begin to be scarce. Ideally, you can choose the boat that you like the most.

For this step, you must take into account the date and the type of meals, decoration, complete passenger data, special requests, etc.

  1. Pets and children at home: The idea for a getaway is to be just the two of you. That is why we recommend that both children and pets stay at home in the company of a family member or responsible adult. Do not worry that during the cruise, you will have a cell phone signal all the time, and you will be able to call as many times as necessary to continue your evening in peace.
  1. How should the arrival be?: We recommend that the appearance be as comfortable as possible. When you get close to the yacht, cover your partner’s eyes and when you are at the yacht entrance, uncover them. If you do not live in Miami, avoid driving for long hours, preferably request vehicle service or ask someone in the family to take you to the beginning of the pier.

You can ask the commander to wait for them at the entrance and welcome them, and have their first photograph of the night taken there.

  1. What should the boat have?: The most important thing that the yacht should have is good audio equipment since the show plays romantic music all night. If you want to dance at a particular part of the night, you let the commander know, and he will gladly play the chosen songs for you.

Food is another fundamental point since the idea is to culminate the romantic getaway with a good plate of food and good white wine. We recommend a plate of seafood, alluding to where it is found. If, for some reason, you don’t want to eat seafood, you let the person who will make your reservation know, and she will present you with the options they have.

Miami sunset cruise for a romantic getaway

As the tour starts at sunset and is usually sunny, we recommend hydrating well. The drink is exceptionally crucial, be it beer, water or natural juices. If you want champagne or special wine for dinner, you must consider it when making your reservation.

  1. Decoration: It is another fundamental point, and it goes according to the type of particular date that corresponds. Ideally, the boat has flowers, balloons and chocolates. Also, if you want, you can buy a stuffed animal and a commemorative message; this will make your partner fall in love.
  1. Photographs: They do not have to be professional, but photos during the cruise are necessary to have good memories. We recommend you bring a selfie stick to take photos of yourself. During the journey, at times when the yacht is not in motion, the captain can help you with these.
Miami sunset cruise for a romantic getaway

A romantic getaway from time to time and being able to share a moment alone with your partner is delicious. If you want to check what type of yacht you want to make your dream of a Miami sunset cruise come true, we invite you to visit our website https://globalluxuryservices.com/ or write to contact us, and you will receive completely personalized advice.

Long live love!!

Miami sunset cruise for a romantic getaway

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