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Miami sunset cruise to celebrate your 21st birthday

Miami sunset cruise to celebrate your 21st birthday

21 years is a vigorous, young and friendly age. We invite you to celebrate your birthday on a sunset cruise in Miami; so that you can enjoy your birthday to the fullest.

The age of majority in the USA

In the United States, they turn 18 years old enough to take on responsibilities such as voting, legal emancipation, getting married, driving, and deciding on medical treatment. But turning 21 means that you are already a responsible adult. Therefore greater responsibilities are coming, such as:  

  • Now, you can be tried as an adult, in court 
  • You can drink alcoholic beverages and smoke cigarettes,
  • It’s legal in some states, that you can buy and carry a gun, and
  • You should be careful about having sex with anyone under 21, as you are now officially an adult.

But why is it so important to celebrate the 21st birthday in the United States?

Being a responsible adult is a dream for many Americans, and this dream does not come true every day. Although in Florida, the age of majority is reached at 18 years; It’s only until the age of 21 that you acquire the responsibilities mentioned earlier. That’s why we invite you to celebrate in style at a Miami sunset cruise party on a private yacht. You can request whoever you want and start enjoying this new age’s benefits.

What should you take into account for the celebration in Yacht?

A yacht cruise is a luxurious and relaxing experience that allows you to feel free in the heat of the sun and the sea breeze. Here are the steps you need to take to have a great 21st birthday. Let’s get started:

  1. The number of guests: It is the first thing you should have on hand, your guest list, as it is essential at the time of booking. Remember that everyone must be of legal age. If a guest needs any help due to disability or for any aspect in general, they must say so in the reservation. It is also necessary to know how many crew will be attending them on the Yacht.
  1. Reservations: Here, you can speak with an advisor, and in a personalized way, they will give you the yacht options, according to the number of passengers, you should also talk about food, drink and decoration since it must be very clear who is in charge of these aspects.
  1. Everyone must be of legal age: It will be a coming-of-age celebration meeting, it will be a very crazy party, with a lot of liquor, dancing and tobacco. For this reason, minors cannot enter the Yacht. Remember your new responsibilities.
  1. Meals: We recommend having buffet-style snacks, where guests can go and eat as much as they want and come back to the party. It is also necessary to have the main course, where we recommend shellfish and seafood. If some of your guests cannot eat seafood for some reason, we recommend having a second option on the menu.
  1. Drinks: Now drinking is entirely legal, we recommend bringing an additional fridge to keep them cold. The Yacht has a small fridge, but it is not enough for all the liquor. As a particular recommendation, we suggest that you do not mix liquors; this way, we avoid mental gaps. In addition, all party guests should drink with extreme restraint, as we do not want dizziness or vomiting during the tour.

A few more

  1. The chosen driver or person: Before the party begins, you must select the person who is not going to drink and who will take you home at the end of the party. Whether it’s a hire or a friend, this should be made clear at the start of the meeting.
  1. Music: We recommend you take your playlist on your cell phone, and you can connect via Bluetooth with the yacht’s speakers. On the other hand, if you want something more professional, you can hire a DJ to play the music throughout the tour.
  1. Decoration: If you have any unique decoration in mind, you must make it clear at the time of booking. We recommend you buy a sign and have an area decorated with metallic balloons for taking pictures.
  1. Others (Sunscreen, glasses): There are many aspects to take into account, but always remember to use sunscreen and sunglasses, because when the sunset cruise starts in Miami, it is still sunny, and we do not want sunstroke.

If you are preparing for your next 21st birthday check out all our yachts available. If you are already looking to make a reservation, write your information to our contact; an advisor will gladly give you utterly personalized advice; remember to have all the requirements to have a successful reservation at hand.

And happy birthday, #21!

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