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Van dutch boat for a bachelorette party

Van dutch boat for a bachelorette party

A marriage is a unique event in the life of each of the spouses. For this reason, the famous bachelorette parties usually celebrate to say goodbye to this beautiful stage of the human being and welcome new dreams and challenges. This article will tell you why to choose a Van Dutch boat to make your best friend your bachelorette party.

Why do a bachelorette party on a yacht?

The idea of a bachelorette party is usually associated with a lot of alcohol and a lack of control. Still, it does not necessarily have to be like that; it can be a party of friends who separate themselves from the crowds, with delicious dishes and make a special night for women only.

Now, let’s talk about a bachelorette party on a yacht. Apart from having the best landscapes; you can share drinks, food, music, and much more with your friends without anyone bothering them. Additionally, if you do it on a luxury yacht such as the Van dutch boat; you can acquire a luxurious and fun experience in one place.

What should you consider to make a bachelorette party on a yacht?

You must take into account the following steps to live an unforgettable bachelorette party on a yacht:

  1. The number of passengers: The first thing you must consider is the number of guests; because it is the first thing that will be required of you in the reservation. Please check that your friends do not suffer from vertigo or if they get dizzy quickly, so the yacht’s captain will be prepared.
  2. Reserve: In the reservation, you can request the boat you want, according to the number of passengers. Here, you will also provide data such as date, time, decoration, ages, and additional data that the advisor will ask you to give you personalized advice. We recommend the Van dutch boat; here, you will live an experience that you will never forget for ten passengers.
  3. Music: It is a private party on a yacht; you can place the piece you want. You can even connect your cell phone via Bluetooth to the yacht’s speakers, a feature of Van Dutch boats. Another option you can have is to bring your music on a USB stick, and the Yacht Commander will help you with the music at all times.

Don’t forget a good feeding.

  1. Drinks: You can buy the liquor you want, as long as it’s consumed with extreme responsibility. Additionally, we recommend that a sober person throughout the night is in charge of distributing all the girls at the end of the tour. Additionally, it is essential to have soft drinks and water, to mix them with the liquor and thus avoid drunkenness at the party.
  1. Meals: We recommend having a buffet with appetizers; so that the girls can eat constantly and thus keep their alcohol level under control. Additionally, we recommend having a main course, based on shellfish or seafood; as it is an experience of luxury and fun at sea, which you cannot miss out on. 
  1. Stripper (Optional): In many bachelorette parties, the “striper” or sensual dancer is used, who undresses as he dances. This service must be contracted in advance and separately, as Global Luxury Services does not have this service. We recommend that he enter the yacht with the entire crew, since for security reasons, after sailing, there is no boarding of personnel or passengers.

What characteristics does a Van dutch Boat have?

Van dutch boats are the sporty version of luxury convertible cars but at sea. They are Italian-made motor yachts, padded seats with center table, Bimini sunroof, long-back chair in the rear, JL sound system, USB / iPhone connection, cockpit and lounge area, freshwater shower and bath.

An elegantly designed yacht to live an experience of luxury and fun. Few can match its power and speed; it’s ideal for riding in the open sea as it’s designed for any tide.

Inside the boat, you will also find essential snorkeling equipment + foam noodles to float in the sea, a full open bar ideal for placing drinks of all kinds and snacks at will and towels for each passenger. 

Make your bachelorette party unforgettable, and order your Van dutch boat to make this party luxurious and fun. If you are interested in reserving your yacht, you can enter our contact us page and leave your information there. One of our advisors will contact you to provide you with all the information you need; since each advisory is personalized.

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