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VanDutch boat for a Valentine’s date

VanDutch boat for a Valentine's date

Elegance is not improvised, and for Valentine’Elegance is not improvised, and for Valentine’s Day, we want to give our partner a special surprise; that is why we recommend the VanDutch boat and thus enjoy a beautiful evening.

Let’s get to know some of its histories.

In the south of France, at the end of 2009, these yachts presented with a partnership with the Red Bull Racing brand during Monaco Grand Prix, which was a success. VanDutch Inc manufactured them; this brand began its operations in the United States in 2013 in Fort Lauderdale and in 2019 opened its offices in Miami, Florida.

The brand represents a high lifestyle, and is recognized for having a mobile application for its owners. It’s also The brand represents a high lifestyle and has a mobile application for its owners. Marketing activities include prestigious events at the Miami International Boat Show and the Monaco Boat Show.

Many celebrities such as Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, and Leonardo DiCaprio have their VanDutch boat, a luxury, exclusive and high-performance team that will accompany you on your trips to the sea.

Innovation and exclusivity in the VanDutch

We have to bear in mind that they are exclusive designs. VanDutch helmets are unmistakable to the world; if you’re riding one, you’re sure to steal all eyes. Can you imagine a photo with your partner showing its beauty on social media?

Inside the VanDutch boats, you can find:

  • Led lighting on the floor, controlled from the helm, and underwater led lighting, which shows other sailors where the boat is.
  • On the outside, have Upholstery with quick-drying foam.
  • One interior cabin for your relaxation and rest
  • Capacity for eight guests
  • Cup holder in the stern – starboard, to place your drinks without spilling
  • Storage box on the port side, to store everything you need for that special occasion
  • A large aft Solarium with backrest, for a beautiful view of the sea
  • The captain’s chair fully padded is for your comfort
  • A bathroom with led lights and a separate shower, for more convenience.

The details to keep in mind for a date on a VanDutch boat for Valentine’s Day:

Now, let’s talk about that so special date to spend with your partner; it’s a unique moment of the year, where you can show your love and make that night an unforgettable experience.

Privacy: The Yachts are designed to give passengers total privacy; if you and your partner want to spend time alone without interruption, they can do it without problem since the captain will navigate the boat in the stern. Additionally, they have an internal cabin furnished with luxury furniture, where you can share unique moments with the person you love. 

The VanDutch has a large sundeck, where you can lay back and watch the beautiful view of the Miami sunset or the starlight at night. 

Music: It’s vital for a special evening because you can give your celebration a more personalized and romantic touch. The boat has a Fusion sound system, which connects to any device with Bluetooth and allows you to manage your cell phone’s music. 

The decoration: The Yacht has exclusive luxury furniture that, together with flowers, sandwiches, scented candles, and some good chocolates, can set any romantic date in the atmosphere. 

The food: We recommend dinner and that the main course is accompanied by seafood because there is nothing more romantic than being in the ocean, in the light of the moon and the stars and eating a delicious dish with the person who loves. 

The time: Without a doubt, the route at sunset recommended is, as you can enjoy more in the solarium, without fear of sunstroke. 

Book your boat now!

Safety is an essential thing for GLS; that is why we remind you that all VanDutch boats, have an automated fire extinguishing system that, together with the portable fire extinguisher, will support you in any incident.

Additionally, all our yachts are equipped with their first aid kit, vests, and lifeboat, to give you security and confidence during our tours.

If you want an unforgettable experience with your partner, you should rent a VanDutch yacht for Valentine’s Day, because you will have elegance, glamour, and a lot of style in one place.

Book with us on our website https://globalluxuryservices.com/ or leave us your information on our contact us page, and an advisor will contact you to accommodate all the details of your reservation.

In your booking, you must consider the particular recommendations, for example, if the passengers are seniors, if they have a disability, if they get dizzy quickly or suffer from vertigo, or need any specific decoration; since each advice is personalized and goes According to your needs. We will be happy to assist you.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day on the most luxurious yacht in Miami!

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